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Quality Kitchen Cabinets

We understand that the selection process for narrowing down which cabinets you want in your home can be stressful. This is why at Unique Carpet & Floor Inc., you can rely on us to help you find your perfect fit. Our designers will evaluate the layout of your kitchen to help you determine which set of cabinets will look just right in it.

Our top quality brands, such as Fabuwood, combined with the knowledge from our experts will provide you top notch service so you can bask in the looks of your new and improved kitchen!

When it comes to your cabinets however, they should reflect your personal style not only with the way they are designed, but with the way they function. Our professionals will help guide you to what will make your kitchen most custom designed and efficient.

Cabinetry has become more versatile over the years and with different types of innovations and variations, it has made it even more possible to make cabinets more personalized.

Such variations that can be applied to your new set of cabinets can be:

Roll out shelves
Open shelves
Deep, shallow, drawers and shelves
Extra storage for pots and pans

Take a look at part of our beautiful cabinet selection