Why Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floors Is Important

An important aspect of caring for a building’s hardwood floors is sanding and finishing the surfaces occasionally. In some cases, wood flooring will become warped slightly, but it does not require a total replacement. Fortunately, technicians can sand wood planks to create a level walking surface, but after the flooring is sanded, it will require refinishing to improve its appearance. To ensure that a room’s flooring looks its best, you should have all of the hardwood planks sanded and refinished at the same time. During the sanding and refinishing process, technicians can make other repairs, including:

  • Fixing loose planks that move while you walk on the floor surface
  • Filling small scratches, dents or holes to create a smooth surface
  • Eliminating squeaky sounds from poorly-fitted wooden planks
  • Getting rid of the stains from foods and beverages
  • Application of new stain or paint
  • Polishing the hardwood to improve its appearance
  • Applying waterproof sealants

When Do Wood Floors Require Sanding and Refinishing?

If you are wondering when it is a good time to have hardwood floors sanded and finished, then think about having the repairs made when you are moving into an older building or when you are remodeling a room. Here are additional times to have a commercial or residential property’s hardwood floors sanded or refinished.

  • After a flooding disaster warps the wood planks
  • When you want to have carpeting or floor tiles installed
  • After changing the floor plan in a bathroom or kitchen
  • When termites have damaged the wood flooring
  • When the wood floors are no longer level
  • Scratched and dented hardwood
  • When the sealants are peeling or the stain is discolored

How Long Does It Take to Sand and Refinish Wood Floors?

Technicians work quickly to remove the old sealants and stains before making essential repairs to the wood planks. The floors are sanded and the wood dust is vacuumed for safe removal to an off-site location. The application of stains, paint or sealants can take several hours or days so that the substances can dry.