Here at Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. near Fairfax, VA, we offer professional flooring, cabinet, closet, kitchen, countertop, and bathroom installation. Our dream is to make yours come true when it comes to renovating your home.

Best Service means that we always think of you. As a business, we abide by the rules and regulations of the Better Business Bureau, the U.S Chamber of commerce and the National Kitchen and Bath association, providing you with the peace of mind knowing you are being treated by professionals. In a word, we offer our unique 100% Customer Satisfaction guarantee mainly because we know you won’t need it.

Bathroom Remodeling

Updating your bathroom or any other part of your home for that matter, means updating a part of you! At Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. near Fairfax, VA, we want to help you establish a developed sense of style. When it comes to bathroom remodeling near Fairfax VA, we have all the tools necessary to get you there! Our goal is go above and beyond a certain vision you have when it comes to altering your room of choice.

Let our team of experts help you decide the best style and design that will compliment your bathroom remodeling near Fairfax VA. And like we said, we have all the equipment you need to get you there!

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is an essential part of your home for many reasons. It facilitates all who come to congregate and most importantly, eat! Where would you be without a proper functioning kitchen in your home? Not to mention the aesthetics gives your guests a taste of your style. Kitchen remodeling near Fairfax VA by Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. will ensure that the kitchen of your dreams will come to life!

Whichever design you have in mind, we will help you have it come to fruition with our kitchen remodeling professionals near Fairfax VA. Our showroom offers plenty to choose from and varieties you can sample. If you supply us with your vision, we will take care of the rest! We have all of your kitchen wants and needs from granite countertops to sleek and high functioning cabinetry!

Flooring Store

One of the most seen and important features to your home is its flooring. With flooring, you can say several different things about your house just by picking the type of flooring it has. Whether it’s because your floor is outdated or you just simply want to switch one look for a totally different one, we have got you covered!

Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. is your designated flooring store near Fairfax VA to provide your home with the best style and design in flooring material.

We partner with leading distributors and manufacturers that supply us with the best flooring material such as:

  • Hardwood floors
    • The benefits of hardwood floors are extensive and are always worth the investment due to how resilient they are. They are popular and without a doubt, sleek and elegant . If you’re looking to buy new floors that will encounter a lot of walking on, hardwood floor is your best option.
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  • Laminate floors
    • Laminate flooring Fairfax VA offers a wide area of design and style that will compliment the decor of your home. The convenience of laminate flooring is not only in its ability to mimic any other flooring material, but to also treat your budget with care.
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  • Tile floors
    • Another type of flooring we also sell is tile. When it comes to tile floors Fairfax VA, you can find several reasons why it would be a good fit in your home. Tiles floors Fairfax VA offer a vast array of benefits as well as convenience.
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  • Carpet floors
    • When you consider carpet flooring for your household, you’re considering an adaptable and comfortable flooring option. It’s versatility and comfortability offer the most ideal flooring option for the type of room you are looking to change.
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  • Stone floors
    • Stone flooring is a sophisticated and exotic style of flooring that compliments mostly any type of home decor. It sets the tone for luxury, elegance, and class.
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Let taste reflect your style when you call Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. and we will design something to your very liking. This is your chosen flooring store near Fairfax VA and we are always proud and ready to serve you!

For further information on home remodeling near Fairfax VA and other nearby areas, call Unique Carpet & Floor, Inc. at (703) 369-1600.