Choosing A Hardwood Floor Color For Your Home

hardwood floorsWhen you’re really ready to make a commitment to upgrading your home, hardwood floors are a fabulous choice. Hardwood floors give a home an instant feeling of warmth and stability, with a welcoming feel that comes with the organic, natural quality of the material.

Hardwood floors look absolutely beautiful in any type of interior setting, so they really are a win-win choice. Add to all this the durability of hardwood floors, and that’s another great reason to make this excellent flooring choice. Hardwood floors are also easy to maintain, too, and can keep their shine with just a simple dry mop treatment a few times a week. These solid floors also resist scratches, and they hold up well over time, even in an area that gets lots of foot traffic. Even though these floors may have a higher price point than some other materials, their clean, classic looks and their low maintenance and sturdiness make them an economical choice in the long run. Hardwoods may not be the best choice for a bathroom, but they can also be a good choice for a vanity area or powder room that’s offset from the actual bathroom.

Choosing The Right Wood Colors For Your Home

The big decision, after you’ve decided to install hardwood floors, is what color tone to use in your home. The great news is there are many great types of wood colors to choose from in flooring, with an array of rich tones that add special qualities to each type of flooring style.

From Reclaimed Pine to Brazilian Cherry

A popular flooring choice today for many homeowners is reclaimed pine. This type of hardwood is usually taken from older buildings that are being demolished. This type of floor has a gracious, antique feel that adds a touch of well-worn luxury to a room.

Red Oak is another very popular color for hardwood flooring. It coordinates well with a range of interior design styles, from shabby chic to industrial to tropical. This wood color is great for busy areas of the home, like the living room.

“Ebonized” hardwood is wood that has been treated to create a dark, glossy, very opaque look. This treatment works best on darker woods (like cherry or walnut) and it’s a fabulous choice for a home that has a modernist interior style.

A white-washed hardwood oak floor is another option that is truly beautiful. This style of floor brings a lot of light into a room, and adds a gracious feel that goes well with a range of styles, from shabby chic to French Provincial or even industrial.

No matter what type of wood is chosen for a floor, there’s no question the addition of a hardwood floor with add a handsome quality to a room, and give your home an overall feeling of warmth.

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